Monday, October 10, 2016

It's been quite a while.

It seems that I haven't posted anything here for more than a year. Been very busy with work and living in general that I almost forgot about this blog site. Not good. But yeah, life happens. Sometimes things don't work as planned but we just have to pick ourselves up, move on, and do better next time. 

Living as an artist is tough. It takes a lot of emotional strength, really. The struggle isn't external, it's internal.There are days that we feel like crap that we can't draw a thing. I experience that a lot. It even feels like a cyclic thing. But we just have to fight our way through it. And the tricky part is, it's not even about the lack of MOTIVATION. It's about DISCIPLINE. We need to discipline and push ourselves to just DRAW and PAINT as focused and consistently as we can. I learned that the long and hard way. It's not easy, yes. But it's the only way. 

I dunno why I'm talking about this. But these are my thoughts and feeling this very moment. Or maybe because I feel like a crap at doing traditional inking and missed a lot of days for #INKTOBER. I'm trying to catch up though. For now, here's my first entry for Inktober. This was a real struggle.